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    We are an Author-Centric Publisher of Brilliant Business Books.

  • We Are An Independent Publisher That Helps Insightful Experts Publish Brilliant and Beautiful Business Books.

  • Why We Exist

    The problem with big publishers is they rarely offer the combination of quality expertise and personal attention that authors are hoping for. The problem with self publishing is that authors must handle time consuming logistics and struggle with perceptions that they haven't published a "real book."


    We believe that an independent publisher can solve these problems.


    Ideapress Publishing was founded by best-selling author Rohit Bhargava and his wife Chhavi Arya to offer a more personalized, higher quality and more human alternative to the big publishers. Our vision is to bring the distribution network of a big publisher together with a team of top talent on every project alongside personalized real time advice and coaching from Rohit, a multiple #1 Wall Street Journal + USA Today best selling author himself.


    For the past four years, we have been on a quest to build relationships with the most talented and experienced independent professionals in the publishing industry. We engage them on a project by project basis, treat them with respect and enlist their talent to help us produce amazing business books.


    In particular, there are six things that make our approach different and why authors choose to work with us:


    1. World Class Design

    Our covers are beautiful, well designed and reflect deep insight on the ideal positioning for each of our titles. They do not all look the same and we never put our own logo on the cover of your book.

    2. Smart Marketing

    We are widely known and respected across the industry for our unique and strategic approach to marketing and book launches. Plus our founder is an award winning marketer himself!

    3. Author-Centric $$

    As a publishing company founded by an author, we believe that the author should keep most of the revenue from a book - so we aim to minimize costs and keep our fees reasonable.

    4. Beautiful Printing

    The ease of publishing today means a lot of bad books are printed. To maintain our high standard of quality, we only use top quality printers and print on demand options for our titles.

    5. Innovative Approach

    We are constantly disrupting our approach to publishing, printing and marketing. As a publisher, we are open minded, willing to experiment and always trying to be better than we were yesterday.

    6. No Bullshit

    Transparency is at the heart of our model and this means, we don't lie, exaggerate or act in sneaky ways. We care deeply about our authors and always give them the truth on our journey to making a great book.

  • Our Story

    In 2015, marketing expert and award winning author Rohit Bhargava decided to publish his third book independently. After working with large publishers on his first two books - he realized that many of the best people in the publishing industry were becoming freelancers and the industry itself was shifting.


    For his new book Non-Obvious, he pulled together an expert team and published it under a new imprint he called Ideapress. The book quickly hit #1 book in the highly competitive Marketing category on Amazon, broke the Top 50 books on ALL of Amazon and hit the Wall Street Journal best seller list the week after.


    Almost immediately, many of his fellow authors and colleagues began asking if they might benefit from the same model and Rohit started speaking with his wife Chhavi about how they might turn this ecosystem into something that might work for other authors ... and Ideapress was born the very next year.


    Ideapress Publishing is an author-centric publishing company.


    Our mission is to produce brilliant business books - and what this means to us is creating a solution that offers EVERYTHING that independent authors need to publish a successful book. We work with top experienced editors and writers. We engage the best design studios and independent designers. We take care of all the professional details from proofreading to indexing. We handle printing, logistics, project development, and we provide full distribution for all of our projects through Ingram Distribution.


    Beyond professional services, though, we understand that a great publisher also needs to lend credibility to their projects. So we are extremely selective in the books that we take on and are laser focused on the reputation of Ideapress as a publisher. We don't take on vanity projects and we invest our time, attention, heart and soul into the projects we agree to publish. And we stand by them with pride.


    Our books and our authors are indeed brilliant. We are proud to serve them.


    The ultimate measure of our confidence in this model comes from the simple fact that we are also our own customers. Everything we do and offer is built from tools, relationships, tactics and lessons we have learned from launching our own books and publishing projects.


    At the end of the day, our simple goal is to be a publisher that our authors would actually choose to work with more than once. That is sadly lacking in the publishing industry.


    We aspire to put our money, time and love into creating a new kind of publishing company. And we invite you to join us.


    Learn more about Ideapress ...


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    Watch: Inside Our Unique Approach To Marketing Books


    Download: Featured Article in Publisher's Weekly Magazine



  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What makes Ideapress different from other publishers? 

    We were founded by a frustrated bestselling author (Rohit Bhargava) to be the kind of publisher he wished existed but couldn't find. Honest. Authentic. Transparent. And damn good and publishing beautiful books.


    What makes us different? First, we are completely focused on the author experience and know what authors really want. That's what "author-centric" means to us. Second, we produce beautifully printed books because we are VERY particular about design, layout and print quality. The best proof of this is the quality of the books we've published so far (see our list below). Third, we are marketing people, so we know how to help our authors focus on what matters to launch a successful business book that actually grows their business and career. And finally, we don't employ or work with assholes, believe in the power being real and actually do what we promise we will do.


    What services do you offer in house versus using vendors? 

    The short answer is almost every service we recommend and use is done through freelance partnerships with some of the best people in the industry. The truth is, that's the better option for everyone. Rather than force you to use the same resource for every project, we can pull together the best team to work on your project. And then we lend our "in house" expertise to bringing it all together.


    Do I have to pay to publish my book with you?

    We are what is known in the industry as a hybrid publisher. This means that you as the author pay for our services and in exchange we work for you (instead of the other way around where traditional publishers acquire your book and then you essentially work as an employee to deliver a book for them).


    Though you do pay up front, we are very transparent about costs and also help you to map out the financial commitment to help determine how you can make your money back. In addition, we have signed and committed to the industry standard IBPA Hybrid Publisher Criteria for quality, services and selectiveness.


    How much does it cost and how do you make money? 

    As usual, that's a tough question to answer as it really depends on how much help authors need. We don't pay advances to authors - preferring to split royalties more evenly with them so we are all invested in making the book successful. A good estimate, if you consider an average sales price of between $25 to $20 (discounted) per hardcover book, is that most authors can break even on costs after selling around 3000-4000 copies.


    We are very upfront about the costs required for each element, allow you to pick the services you really need, and not pay for those you don't, and we NEVER use artificial sales gimmicks like requiring you to buy back X number of books or guarantee a certain volume of sales. We make our money through a flat commission across all the services that we provide - usually between 15% and 20% ... and we work to earn that and deliver lots of value for it.


    What if I only want to publish an eBook?

    With the ease of online tools like Amazon's Kindle platform, and the fact that it is very difficult to tell a self published book from one published by a publisher in digital version - we usually don't publish books that are only available in digital format. Honestly, it's easier and cheaper for you to do that yourself without a publisher.


    Is the pen really mightier than the sword?

    While scholars have debated this question for many years - we believe in the power of writing to change culture. Swords don't inspire people. Unless of course they are written into stories where they are pulled out of stones by kings.


    Can you get my book into bookstores?

    Yes! Ideapress offers full retail distribution (not just Amazon!). Through our relationships, we typically not only see our books in retail stores, but often work with our authors to place books in airport bookstores and other retail venues as well.


    How will you help me sell my book?

    Candidly, we want our authors to know that the real effort to sell and promote their book will be up to them. We don't pretend that isn't true. Our role is to help advise our authors on tactics they might try and also to recommend proven resources they can hire such as top notch publicists, coaches, marketers and web developers for your project. Almost every resource we work with or recommend is someone that Rohit has worked with directly (and successfully!) in the past.


    What is a "brilliant business book?"

    We believe brilliant books offer a unique point of view of the world and offer valuable ideas that readers can act on. We cross the range of business books - from neuroscience to social media ... but our ongoing focus is to only take on valuable book projects that are contributing important and impactful ideas to the world.


    Why don't you publish books in other genres?

    Right now we are focused on business book publishing because we know what works best there and we are uniquely set up to handle projects in that space. Business books have multiple sales models, from large corporate bulk orders to conference or event based sales. These are the types of orders and situations we excel at - and our goal right now is to be the best at this one genre without expanding too fast or wide.


    How Can I Submit My Project?

    Currently, Ideapress is considering manuscripts and book project for our 2024 calendar season. While our process is extremely selective and we only publish a small number of projects each year, we ALWAYS remain interested in great ideas and are open to reviewing your book proposal or concept either for Ideapress or one of our other growing imprints. To be considered or to get more information email chhavi@ideapresspublishing.com.

  • Our Books

    We aim to publish a limited number of books per year - and purposefully curate our list of titles to be extremely selective. In addition to the books listed below, we have several more projects that are scheduled for release in the coming months and will be announced soon!

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    Non-Obvious Thinking

    How to See What Others Miss

    A bestselling futurist and a pioneering venture capitalist collaborate on a highly actionable guide to how anyone can have better ideas ... and put them into action. Written in a highly actionable style and filled with practical exercises and new habits you can start to implement immediately, Non-Obvious Thinking is your handbook to shift your perspective and become a non-obvious thinker for yourself. 


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    The Power of Conscious Connection

    4 Habits to Transform How You Live and Lead

    A passionate plea for us to reimagine our roles, not just as leaders, but as global citizens, capable of inspiring and influencing change through conscious connection.




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    Going on Offense

    A Leader's Playbook for Perpetual Innovation

    The latest work from best-selling author, award-winning teacher, scholar and global advisor, Behnam Tabrizi, is based on a seven year study at Stanford and is amust-read for any organization looking to stay innovative and competitive in today's rapidly changing market.


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    Why Success Doesn't Feel Like It Should ... and What To Do About It

    The latest book from national bestselling author Laura Gassner Otting about how to embrace the contradiction of achieving success while still wanting more.



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    The Illusion of Innovation

    Escape Efficiency and Unleash Radical Progress

    Corporations are better managed than ever, but they're less capable of delivering the breakthroughs that change our world for the better. Their focus on capital efficiency leads them to engage in an illusion of innovation: activity that feels like innovation but leads to value destruction, not progress. 

    broken image

    The Responsive Enterprise

    Transform Your Organization to Thrive on Change

    Half of key business decision-makers say constant, disruptive change is now a major challenge. Dizzy from a kaleidoscope of fashionable strategies, from digital transformation to hybrid work to disruptive innovation, leaders need a new approach.  

    broken image

    Good Awkward

    How to Embrace the Embarassing and Celebrate the Cringe to Become the Bravest You

    Awkwardness isn’t a weakness - it’s your greatest asset. As TEDx Speaker and Executive Coach Henna Pryor shows, relishing your “Good Awkward” is essential to boosting your confidence and taking the risks that help you meet your true potential.

    broken image


    The Art and Science of Brand Transformation

    Brand expert and WSJ bestselling author Emmanuel Probst spotlights how any brand can change the story they tell the world.

    2023 AXIOM BRONZE MEDAL WINNER! (Marketing/Advertising)


    broken image


    Deep Utopia

    Life and Meaning in a Solved World

    Bostrom's previous book, Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies changed the global conversation on AI and became a New York Times bestseller. It focused on what might happen if AI development goes wrong. But what if things go right? 


    broken image


    Dare to Be Naive

    How to Find Your True Self in a Noisy World

    Do you want to unleash your full potential and create positive impact in life and business? In this inspiring and practical book, world-class facilitator of change and innovation, Joshua Berry, reveals how being intentionally naive can help you overcome fear, embrace curiosity, and achieve your goals.


    broken image

    The Future Normal

    How We Will Live, Work, and Thrive in the Next Decade

    WSJ bestselling author Rohit Bhargava, along with fellow futurist Henry Coutinho-Mason, predict the future in this groundbreaking handbook for visionaries, launched on the Main Stage at SXSW 2023.



    broken image

    Leading Through Inflation

    And Recession and Stagflation

    World renowned author Ram Charan offers an indispensable guide for any leader to manage the effects of inflation.


    broken image

    Beyond Diversity

    12 Non-Obvious Ways To Build A More Inclusive World

    Inspired by the groundbreaking event called "the world's most ambitious conversation about diversity," this book features 200+ leading experts on how we can all create a more inclusive world.



    broken image

    Tom Peters' Compact Guide to Excellence

    Inspired by Excellence Now

    Business guru Tom Peters packs in some of the best advice from his peers and friends in this ideal gift book for the busy professional.


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    The Seven Secrets of the World's Most Enduring, Employee-Focused Organizations
    Popular HR expert Josh Bersin shares his insights on what it takes to create an organization that people love to work at.
    2022 BIBA AWARD WINNER! (Business/Management)
    broken image

    Take Charge of You

    How Self Coaching Can Transform Your Life and Career
    A groundbreaking guide to coaching yourself to success from NYT bestselling author David Novak and renowned sports coach Jason Goldsmith.
    broken image

    free time

    Lose the Busywork, Love Your Business
    Award winning author Jenny Blake offers the ultimate guide to simplify and streamline your life by doing the work that you were meant to do.
    broken image

    The Transparent Sales Leader

    How The Power of Sincerity, Science and Structure Can Transform Your Sales Team's Results
    The eagerly anticipated sequel to sales guru Todd Caponi's popular debut title The Transparency Sale - this book offers a new approach for sales leaders.
    broken image

    Non-Obvious Megatrends

    How To See What Others Miss, and Win The Future

    The 1oth edition of the signature book from Ideapress founder + trend curator Rohit Bhargava.

    #1 WSJ + USA Today Bestseller

    Stevie Award 2020 Book of the Year
    Axiom GOLD Medal Award

    Winner of 20 Book Awards!

    broken image

    Empathy In Action

    How To Deliver Great Customer Experiences At Scale

    Learn how to take the best practices of empathy and infuse them into all levels of an organization.




    broken image

    Data Story

    Explain Data and Inspire Action Through Story

    The next visual book from best selling author and presentation pioneer Nancy Duarte on how to tell better stories.

    2020 AXIOM GOLD MEDAL WINNER! (Best Networking Book)

    broken image


    How To Change Course When Things Are Going South

    Renowned change specialist and former U.S. Ambassador Lisa Gable shares real life stories and a blueprint for transforming your organization.



    broken image

    Competing On Thought Leadership

    How Great B2B Companies Turn Expertise Into Revenue
    A guide to doing thought leadership right, from one of the world's most experienced experts on the topic.
    broken image

    Sweating Together

    How Peloton Built a Billion Dollar Venture and Created Community

    An insider look at the rise of Peloton from George Mason University Professor of Entrepreneurship David J. Miller.

    2023 AXIOM SILVER MEDAL WINNER! (Corporate History)

    broken image

    Anticipate Failure

    The Entrepreneur's Guide to Navigating Uncertainty, Avoiding Disaster, and Building a Successful Business
    Filled with transparent true stories and the value from them, this book offers a new perspective on an underappreciated topic: failure.
    broken image

    Off Our Chests

    A Candid Tour Through The World of Cancer
    A powerful husband-wife memoir from a renowned oncologist and his wife about their shared cancer journey.


    (Best Health Book)

    broken image

    Diversity At College

    Real Stories of Students Conquering Bias and Making Higher Education More Inclusive

    A unique collaborative book written by five students and one professor - sharing their stories of bringing more diversity to the world of higher education.


    (Best Multicultural Book)

    broken image

    Everyone is an "Influencer"

    Building a Brand by Engaging the People Who Matter Most

    How to use storytelling to escape the noise, determine what voices really matter and create real customer loyalty.


    (Best Marketing/ PR Book)

    broken image

    The Visual Sale

    How to Explode Sales, Drive Marketing and Grow Your Business with Video

    A detailed guide on how to effectively use video to sell in a world where we increasingly communicate virtually.


    (Best Sales Book)

    broken image

    The Chief Reinvention Officer Handbook

    How To Thrive In Chaos

    A bold and visual guide from entrepreneur and resilience expert Dr. Nadya Zhexembayeva bringing together insights from a community of more than 3000 "reinventors.


    (Best Business Disruption Book)

    broken image

    Deliberate Creativity

    How To Cultivate Better Ideas

    A proven guide to separate good ideas from bad and to act on them to get real results.

    COMING IN 2023!

    broken image

    Six Foot World

    How To Reimagine The Future In Disruptive Times

    How will the world change after Covid-19? In this book from Silicon Valley insider Rajesh Setty, you will learn how to adapt to disruption and win.

    broken image

    The Culture Quotient

    Ten Dimensions of a High-Performance Culture (Foreword by Tony Hsieh)

    Based on the insights from working with over 1000 companies on improving culture, this book will offer a roadmap to building a more powerful culture.


    (Best Business Book)

    broken image


    How to Ignore Everybody, Carve Your Own Path, and Live Your Best Life

    This high-energy book from Laura Gassner Otting helps readers to get unstuck and find more consonance in work and life.

    WASHINGTON POST Bestseller!

    broken image

    The Disruption Mindset

    Why Some Organizations Transform While Others Fail

    The highly anticipated new book from New York Times best selling author and leadership expert Charlene Li.


    (Best Business/Career Book)

    broken image


    Navigating Fake Companies, Fake Leaders and Fake News in the Post-Trust Era

    A timely collaboration between a brand expert and a clinical psychologist on how to survive the post-truth era.


    (Best Business Book: Current Events)

    broken image

    The Amazon Management System

    The Ultimate Digital Business Engine That Creates Extraordinary Value

    The latest management book from the renowned consultant and NY Times bestselling co-author of Execution, Ram Charan.

    #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller


    (Best Business Technology Book)

    broken image

    Good Authority

    How To Become The Leader Your Team Is Waiting For

    An entertaining and useful new book on collaborative leadership from executive coach Jonathan Raymond.


    (Best Leadership Book)

    broken image

    The Transparency Sale

    How Unexpected Honesty and Understanding The Buying Brain Can Transform Your Results

    Longtime sales expert Todd Caponi shares actionable advice to help you rethink your sales approach.


    broken image

    Non-Obvious Guide To Marketing & Branding

    2nd Edition Now Available!

    The first in a new series from Ideapress from award winning marketing expert Rohit Bhargava featuring approachable marketing advice.


    (Best Marketing/ PR Book)

    broken image

    Non-Obvious Guide to Working Remotely (2nd Edition)

    Written During the Covid-19 Pandemic

    Everything you need to know about being more productive from home, doing a better virtual presentations and leading a remote team.


    (Best Business Reference Book)

    broken image

    Non-Obvious Guide To Employee Engagement

    (For Boomers, Millennials and Everyone Else)

    Learn to engage your employees and supercharge your performance in this useful guide from the authors of When Millennials Take Over + Humanize.


    (Best Non-Fiction Series)

    broken image

    Non-Obvious Guide To Event Planning

    (For Kick-Ass Gatherings That Inspire People

    Create engaging and non-boring events that truly inspire people with this step by step guide from TEDx organizer and long-time event pro Andrea Driessen.


    (Best Communications/PR Book)

    broken image

    Non-Obvious Guide To Emotional Intelligence

    (You Can Actually Use)

    A practical and useful guide to a hot topic from expert Kerry Goyette - one every manager and leader should read to inspire their team!


    (Best Non-Fiction Series)

    broken image

    Non-Obvious Guide To Being More Creative

    (No Matter Where You Work)

    An indispensable guide to harnessing your inner creativity from Kathryn Haydon to help you come up with better ideas in any situation.


    (Best Non-Fiction Series)

    broken image

    Yes Is The Answer.

    How Faith In People and a Culture of Hospitality Built A Modern American Restaurant Company

    The long awaited memoir from noted restaurateur Cameron Mitchell.


    (Best Management/Leadership Book)

    broken image

    Leveraged Learning

    How the Disruption of Education Helps Lifelong Learners and Experts With Something To Teach

    A fascinating and meticulously researched exploration of what the future of education should be.


    (Best Education Theory Book)

    broken image

    ABM is B2B

    Why B2B Marketing and Sales is Broken and How to Fix it.

    The ultimate guide to the ABM movement transforming B2B marketing and sales by Sangram Vajre + Eric Spett.


    broken image

    The Hard Break

    The Case For A 24/6 Lifestyle

    A powerful argument that the antidote to our overstressed lives may be the ages old habit of taking a day every week to recharge.


    broken image

    Same Side Selling

    How Integrity and Collaboration Drive Extraordinary Results For Sellers and Buyers

    A unique collaboration between sales expert and buying expert to illuminate both sides of business procurement.


    broken image

    Expensive Sentences

    Debunking the Common Myths that Derail Decisions and Sabotage Success

    A surprising look at the common sentences which may be causing your brand lots of money, and what to do about them.


    (Best Leadership Book)

    broken image

    Join The Brand

    Building Loyal Communities and the Need For Belonging

    The latest research-filled book about how to create a brand that inspires loyalty from author Norty Cohen.

    broken image

    Close Deals Faster

    The Sales Method Used By Over 80,000 Salespeople

    The first book from renowned sales trainer John Asher, sharing insights from over 30 years of helping salespeople succeed.


    (Best Sales Book of the Year)

    broken image


    How Online Marketing Will Destroy Your Business (And The Unlikely Secret To Saving It)

    An industry insider's exposé of the manipulation that is seeming to take over online marketing, and how business owner can and must rise above it.

    broken image

    The Road To Recognition

    The A to Z Guide To Personal Branding
    This collection of advice from some of the world's top marketers is an essential read for anyone looking to optimize their reputation and supercharge their success. 
    broken image

    Always Eat Left Handed

    15 Surprising Secrets For Killing It At Work And In Real Life

    From the founder of Ideapress comes an ideal graduation gift or FYE program book filled with all the advice no one ever tells you about what it really takes to get ahead and win at life.


    (Best Career Advice Book)


    (Best Personal Growth Book)

    broken image

    When Millennials Take Over

    Preparing for the Ridiculously Optimistic Future of Business
    A groundbreaking new book from two of the leading voices in building a powerful corporate culture on how to manage a multi-generational workforce.
    broken image

    Participation Game

    Lessons From The Top 100 Brands

    An inside look at the groundbreaking annual survey data and research into brands that millennials love (and why).

    broken image

    Why It Hurts

    A Physician's Insights On The Purpose Of Pain
    In the midst of the opioid crisis, this book from Harvard trained physician Aneesh Singla offers a new take on the purpose and upside of pain.
    broken image

    Engineering Progress

    The Inspiring Story of Underwriters Laboratories

    A custom published corporate history book which tells the 100+ year history of the UL brand.

    broken image

    Outside Insight

    Navigating a World Drowning In Data

    From Meltwater CEO Jorn Lyseggen comes this insightful look at what brands get wrong with "big data" and how to get smarter.

    Finalist - Best Business Book (American Book Festival)

    broken image

    Education That Works

    The Neuroscience Of Building A More Effective Higher Education
    A groundbreaking idea from a longtime higher education administrator on one of the most urgent issues facing our culture today.
    broken image

    Evolved Enterprise

    An Illustrated Guide to Re-Think, Re-Imagine and Re-Invent Your Business to Deliver Meaningful Impact & Even Greater Profits
    A guide from Maverick founder Yanik Silver on how business can be a lever for positive change in the world.
    broken image

    Built To Suck

    The Inevitable Demise of the Corporation and How To Save It?

    An irreverent book about what it will really take to save modern business from provocateur & author Joseph Jaffe.


    broken image

    Corporate Goad

    Case Studies In Transformational Change

    Lessons from a lifelong change agent on what it really takes to disrupt your organization and drive forward.
    broken image


    How The World's Best Airline Brands Delight Customers and Inspire Employees
    An insiders look at the airline industry based on dozens of interviews from the founder of airline consultancy Simpliflying.
  • Our Manifesto

    In a world where anyone can publish a book with ease - being an author is in danger of losing the credibility that it once had. Yet despite the overload of information, we believe the world is still hungry for unique ideas ... and we believe in the power of books to distribute them.


    We exist to help insightful experts publish their valuable ideas with more credibility.


    Ideapress Publishing

    We Publish Brilliant Business Books.

    For more information or if you would like to submit a manuscript - contact:


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