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Nick Hutchison on Working with #Bookstagrammers to Promote a Book on Instagram

Founder of BookThinkers, a social community and educational technology company focuses on empowering others to self-educate themselves, Nicholas Hutchison encourages you to explore and learn from hashtag #Bookstagram.

Many book lovers have stumbled on #Bookstagram, an Instagram community that posts pictures of books and book-related things as a way to connect with likeminded readers and book lovers alike, before. This community is welcoming and passionate about their love of books. Founder of BookThinkers and Host of the brand new podcast BookThinkers: Life Changing Books, Nicholas Hutchison wants you to dive right into this community. Nick shares his love of personal development and business books via #bookstagram. He provides personalized book reviews, any tips and tricks he has taken away from books he has read, and shares his thoughts, hoping to engage other book lovers. If you are interested in learning more about #bookstagram or if you are an avid participate in this community, this video is just for you!

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