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Ramon Ray Explains How To Ask Your Network For Help With Your Next Book

There are several different marketing tools authors/publishers often use to market their work. Founder of Smart Hustle Media, Ramon Ray wants you to learn how to publish a book and market it well, with the help of a few good people.

Throughout this process, authors should have started working on their personal brand, engaging their audience, and building connections within their community. This is crucial for marketing their books. Author and Founder of Smart Hustle Media, Ramon Ray is here to guide you in the right direction. Ramon explains how to actually get people hyped up for and reading your book. Why is it important to be diligent when networking and seeking help from your circle? Is a physical book copy better than an ebook copy? How can your circle help spread the word about your book? Grab a notebook and pen as Ramon answers these questions and more with this remarkable talk.

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