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Clay Hebert Explains How to Use Crowdfunding Thinking to Launch A Book

If you are interested in learning about a unconventional form of publishing, Founder of Crowdfunding Hacks, Clay Hebert introduces us to the wonders of crowdfunded publications.

Often times when people hear the term crowdfunding, they often associate it with startup companies or artistic ventures. Very rarely are people seeking out platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo for books. That’s where marketing strategist, crowdfunding expert, and Founder of Crowdfunding Hacks, Clay Hebert wants to prove you wrong. Clay offers insight into being authentic when book marketing. Utilizing several key concepts and stand out catches phrases, Clay wants you to know that if you are willing to work, you can also successfully launch countless books. If you are looking to challenge yourself and learn about these unique means of marketing, this video is for you!

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