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Cevin Bryerman On How Publisher's Weekly and the Publishing Industry Is Responding To The Pandemic

Authors, readers, and all around book lovers are interested in how the publishing industry is handling the global pandemic. What happened to their favorite book? Where did their favorite indie bookstore go? Will they ever be able to browse in a bookstore again? Executive Vice-President of Publisher at Publisher’s Weekly, Cevin Bryerman will give use an inside look at how the publishing industry responded to this massive event.

During the global pandemic, the publishing industry stood still. Many disciplines in the industry were unsure of their next move. From publishing houses to bookstores, ever decision was left up in the air. Luckily, there was one place still providing industry professionals with news and that place was Publisher’s Weekly, a weekly news magazine focused on the international book publishing business. The Executive Vice-President and Publisher at Publisher’s Weekly, Cevin Bryerman explains the sudden shift in publishing; from bookstores closing to going completely virtual, and how everyone handled the change. Cevin shares what new services were offer to combat the sudden lock downs, the future of libraries and bookstores, and finally how Publisher’s Weekly his handling the change and doing their best to provide support to the industry. If you want an all-around view of how the industry was affected and what they are adapting, you do not want to miss this talk.

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