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Joy Pope on How Authors Can Work with Book Festivals To Promote a Book

Looking for the next method to promoting your book? Well, Director of Decatur Book Festival’s, Joy Pope is here to provide you with the answers you seek.

Before everyone was forced to attend virtual book events, authors were traveling far and wide to various book festivals throughout the world. These book festivals were not only great ways to connect with the book community, it was also an excellent way for authors to promote their work. Joy Pope, Director of Decatur Book Festival, one of the largest independent book festivals in the country, was tasked with taking AJC Decatur Book Festival’s 15 Year Anniversary and turning it into a virtual event. Joy knew this would be a difficult task, but she took on the challenge. Despite the event being virtual, Joy wanted to experience to be the same; filled with author and reader connections. Joy provides listeners with details on what it's like to connect to authors and readers, what to expect during festival seasons, and if someone is interested how to get involved.

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