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Natalie Nixon On Launching a Book During a Pandemic and the #BLM Movement

Author, speaker, and advisor Natalie Nixon sits down with us in this timely talk. She shares her experience launching a book during a global pandemic and the impact of the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Many authors could say that it was not an ideal time to launch a book. With a global pandemic and massive unrest in the world, who would try to launch any book? Author, speaker, and strategic advisor Natalie Nixon took on that challenge. Natalie dives deep into her strategy used to launch her book, The Creativity Leap. She explores how to approach marketing during a pandemic, what was her call to action and how personal curated and social media outreach played a major role in marketing her book. Lastly, Natalie provides listeners with her experience on the impact of the Black Lives Matter movement and her views on diversity and inclusivity as a Black female. Get ready for another exciting talk as we explore social justice and more with this video.

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