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How Authors Find Their Voice and Conquer Their Imposter Syndrome

It is time to get over that pesky Imposter Syndrome! Coach, publishing strategist, and Founder and CEO of Cursor, Richard Nash explores the concept of imposter syndrome, how to conquer it and how authors find their voices.

Imposter Syndrome is a painful process that many authors go through. However, they can combat this feeling if it ever occurs. That’s what Founder and CEO of Cursor Richard Nash wants others to understand. Richard works as a coach and publishing strategist and for many years has given authors the confidence to tackle their writing process. In this master class, Richard uses his coaching skills to edit authors on how to tackle their imposter syndrome. He touches on building connections with their audience, and understanding the marketing process. Richard also provides viewers with his assessment on the future of publishing. A book is a piece of the puzzle as authors start to build their platform. Join us for this highly anticipated video.

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