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Marleen Seegers On How To Get Foreign Publishers Interested In Your Book

Ready for your book to go global? Marleen Seegers, owner and co-founder of 2 Seas Agency, a company that has implemented new ways for selling foreign rights and that represents publishers, literary agents and a select number of authors around the world, is ready to help you. Get ready to take notes and learn from another great publishing expert.

Authors are looking for the next pillar of stardom when it comes to publishing their works. This could include winning awards, having to reprint books, or becoming a global phenomenon. Authors should consider selling their foreign rights and having their books published internationally. Owner and Co-Founder of 2 Seas Agency, Marleen Seegers is ready to help make authors work global. Marleen utilizes strategic research and cultural awareness to help authors get their books internationally recognized. She also explains why attending book fairs are vital when determining which region might be best to target. Time to go aboard, ‘virtually’, with this remarkable talk.

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