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Jesse Tevelow Teaches you How to Get Over 100 Amazon Reviews for Your Book

It’s time to take off! Founder and CEO of LaunchTeam, Jesse Tevelow dives in and shares tips on how to get hundreds of Amazon Reviews.

It is time to launch the next New York Times Bestseller, but where are the book reviews? Well, sit back, and learn how to tackle the Amazon review system from an expert. Jesse Tevelow, entrepreneur, bestselling author, tech investor, and Founder and CEO of LaunchTeam, a network of expert consultants who launch books, apps, products, and entire companies, gives authors the inside scoop on how to grow your Amazon book reviews list. Jesse explains how persistence is key and that you have to be willing to work for your goals. Jesse teaches authors how to probe readers in hopes of garnering genuine reviews, how and when to start the marketing process, and how to pass the Amazon review test.

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