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Mark Fortier Shares How To Generate Media and Publicity for your Book

Time to learn from another great expert! With over 29 years of publicizing hundreds of successful books, Founder and president of Fortier Public Relations, Mark Fortier provides and in depth look at how to generate hype for your book.

Authors are always looking for new ways to generate press behind their stories. Mark Fortier, who is the founder and president of Fortier Public Relations, a PR firm specializing in business books and business thought leadership, has great insight for you. Mark has worked on 17 #1 bestsellers, over 100 bestsellers and books by 33 of the Thinkers50 list of the world’s leading business thinkers, and continues to work with many great authors worldwide. In this talk, Mark discusses how Covid 19 impacted his cliental and how he had to adapt to these changes. He gives tips on marketing your book successful and what authors can do to increase their marketing potential during a global pandemic.

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