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Danny Caine Shares How Booksellers Are Getting Creative In A Pandemic

Author and owner of the Raven Book Store in Lawrence, Kansas, Danny Caine wants you to know independent bookstores are here to stay! He shares what booksellers are doing during these troubling times. What programs are the implementing and how they continue to thrive?

Independent bookstores were some of the hardest hit shops during this pandemic. Many of places had to get creative in order to stay afloat. Danny Caine, owner of the Raven Book Store in Lawrence, Kansas, shares his experience with you in this timely video. Danny saw the need to think outside of the box during these times. He understood the need to be flexible and adapt to various demands. From mystery boxes, to same day delivers, Raven Book Store continues to thrive with the support of their reading community. Learn more about how Danny and his team tackled these demands head on.

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