Kim Wylie on How Ingram (the Book Industry's Biggest Distributor) Moves Books in a Pandemic

Interesting in learning more about book distribution and how one of the industry’s biggest book distributors reacted during the global pandemic? Kim Wiley of Ingram is here to share the details on how Ingram support the publishing industry during the crisis.

People often say that books are recession proof, but was that the same belief with a pandemic? The publishing industry was at a stand still when Covid 19 hit. During the earlier stages of the pandemic, the industry did not know how to proceed. That being said, Ingram, a book distribution company many publishers use, was there to support their publishing customers. Kim Wiley of Ingram, who handles sales for Publishers Group West (PGW) a leading book sales and distribution company in the United States, discusses how operations were before Covid 19 struck, their immediate response to crisis, and how Ingram was able to get back on track for the rest of 2020.

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