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David Burkus Wants You To Focus On Your Existing Fans To Grow Your Audience

Podcaster, author, speaker, and educator David Burkus stresses why engaging fans is vital to being a successful author. Why is this important? What can you do as an author to engage your fans? Let’s double down and check it out!

Engaging your fans as an author is a must if you want to successfully market a book. That is what podcaster, award-winning author, speaker, and educator David Burkus wants every author to know. It is vital to market your books to newcomers, but David stresses the importance of consistently engaging current fans. David also shares his unique method for launching his latest book Pick An Enemy. Why not release his book unannounced? He shares how he came up with this idea, and he decided to only release the audio version.


This talk goes deeper into his writing process, the audience David markets to, and finally tips to guarantee a successful launch. Get ready to take notes from this enlightening talk.

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